Daily Vitamins for Contemplation

This probably shouldn’t qualify as a “best kept secret” because Garrison Keillor mentions it everyday in the Writer’s Almanac. It’s the “Poetry Tool” from the Poetry Foundation. Check it out here.

Reading poetry regularly, whether it’s religious or secular, is one of the best ways I know of to prepare one’s heart and mind for contemplation. It is truly an exercise in reflection, in soaking in, in pondering. It doesn’t need to be an earth-moving experience — it can simply be taking just a moment to chew on and enjoy a good line of verse.

So if you’re struggling a bit with getting in the right frame of mind for times of prayerfulness or quietness, here’s my prescription:

1 poem a day with a glass of water.


One response to “Daily Vitamins for Contemplation

  1. Hi Kelli, I too love those early mornings, however, rather than read a poem, I listen for one (then write it down). My goal is to write something everyday. I have just gotten into poetry (last 4 years)… and I have to admit, I understand why most publishers taboo poetry…. there are some really bad poets out there who think they are good (ala American Idol – lol). I hesitate to say that I’m good at it (but I know the source, and He’s pretty good), but I am making a living at it (despite the naysayers). Thanks for your site, I enjoyed it very much. – I will send you a story poem for tomorrow, I hope you like it. Go Hoosiers! – Kevin

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