“Fire and hail, snow and clouds…”

Psalm 148 gives us an awesome reminder that this world honors, loves, thanks, and praises its Creator. The stars and planets, ocean creatures, animals, and even the weather worship and obey God. This is just one of many reasons we Christians should be good stewards (care-takers) of the Earth. Here’s a question to consider: When we trash or destroy animals and their habitats or pollute the air, are we in some way hindering these aspects of creation from praising their Creator?

There are lots of great ways you can practice the spiritual discipline of stewardship with your family. Here’s one fun activity our family enjoys:

Read Psalm 148 and talk together about God’s role as the Creator of all things and creation’s role in praising God. Then close your eyes and listen as a family to a selection from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. (Explain to little kids the season/weather the music is meant to represent.) Imagine together the expressions of God’s power in the musical portrayal of wind, rain, sunshine, plant growth, or falling snow. When the song is done, talk about what you each imagined. Then ask your kids about ways they’ve observed the created world praising God. What rain storms, sunny days, flowery meadows, or scampering animals do they remember from times outside?

This can be done at various times throughout the year, at home or in the car. This music really connects with young children!

What ideas do you have for helping your children learn to thank God for his creation by caring for it well?


2 responses to ““Fire and hail, snow and clouds…”

  1. Thought you might be interested:

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    Philosophy professor Marietta McCarty explains why kids from kindergarten through the 8th grade should be introduced to philosophy in order to help develop critical thinking skills and deepen appreciation for others.

    Diane Rehm interview:

  2. We try to talk about this as we’re talking walks in the park (how God made things, etc.) I do like your point about how we need to take care of it. I know I’ve made the point once or so, but maybe we need to do a time of picking up trash to help bring the point home more. We DO talk about taking care of what God has provided for us at home by not breaking toys and cleaning up! 😉

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