I’ll Trade You an Esther for an Epiphany…

I’m inaugurating a new category for my web site: best-kept secrets. Every so often we come across gadgets or restaurants or web sites or books that we’ve just got to tell others about. Those things or places about which we say, “It looks like a hole-in-the wall, but trust me, they’ve got the best chiles rellenos!”

Well here I’ll post those stand-out, amazing favorites of mine that you may never have heard of. But don’t worry, I’ll keep the restaurant recommendations for another day. Here I’ll share resources with you that will help you in your own spiritual growth, in getting your kids in touch with Jesus, or in creating family fun.

And a DISCLAIMER: This is not advertising. It’s simply a venue for passing along best-kept secrets. (Feel free to post some of your own best-kept secrets as comments.)

So without further ado, let me introduce to you “BibleStoryCards.” These awesome cards come in an Old Testament pack and a New Testament pack; each card is baseball-card sized, with a glossy full color illustration on one side and a kid-friendly retelling of the Bible story on the other side. There are 100 cards in all and the price is right; You can get them from Wesleyan Publishing House.

My son who is 4 now is thrilled about these cards. Since I got them, he’s asked for at least 5 different Bible stories to be read to him each day! These are great for children around age 4 and older; I think first and second-graders would really enjoy them.


One response to “I’ll Trade You an Esther for an Epiphany…

  1. Back in high school, I dropped a few hundred dollars in an RPG card game that some of my friends and I would play called Redemption by Cactus Game Design :: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redemption_(card_game) ::
    There were a few tournaments we were able to go to. It’s for an older crowd, but the basic game can be played by upper elementary.

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